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SummaryHow do I install the RingCentral for Slack?
RingCentral for Slack enables Slack users to start a video meeting or an audio conference directly from Slack’s text box, using the Slack’s popular slash commands.

NOTE: A user shall be able to install the RingCentral for Slack from RingCentral Developer site. If you are unable to add/install the RingCentral for Slack, contact your Administrator.

Step 1:

Click Get it now on the RingCentral for Slack page.

Slack - Get it now

Step 2:

Click Authorize.

Slack - Authorize
RingCentral for Slack has been successfully installed.

Slack - Successfull
Once installed, the User must type /ringcentral in Slack to login to their RingCentral account and authorize Slack access to RingCentral. The User must click Authorize to allow the RingCentral for Slack app and RingCentral to use their information in accordance to terms of service and privacy policies.

You can now initiate RingCentral video meetings and audio conferences. See RingCentral for Slack: Starting a Video Meeting or RingCentral for Slack: Starting a RingCentral Conference to learn more.
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