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RingCentral Meetings: Remote Support

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SummaryWhat is RingCentral Meetings Remote Support and how does it work?

Hosts can click Support to control other's computer, application control or request computer restart. This can be ideal for a support agent to remotely control another Participant’s computer. This will prevent multiple participants from sharing their screen simultaneously when enabled.  

NOTE: This feature is OFF by default. If you want to use this feature, make sure that this feature is enabled in your online account. To enable Remote Support, go to Settings > Meetings > click Edit on the In Meeting (Advanced) section and enable Remote Support. You can only select either Breakout Rooms or Remote Support at a time for a meeting. Hosts may not be able to request Participants using the RingCentral Mobile App for remote control.

See how it works for Hosts and Participants

Remote Support Host View
Remote Support Participant View

Remote Support Host View

NOTE: Hosts can request control from one Participant at a time only.

Requesting for Desktop Control. Hosts can control the desktop of a Participant.

5.4 meetings remote host Requesting for Desktop Control

Requesting for
Application Control. Hosts can only control the selected application of a Participant.

5.4 meetings remote host Requesting for application Control

Requesting for Computer Restart. This can be ideal for a support agent to solve computer issue of a User.

5.4 meetings remote request participant pc restart

Remote Support Participant View

Participants can grant permission or deny the Host if the following remote requests are made.

When the Host requests Desktop Control or Application Control. Participants can click Grant Permission or Deny.

When the Host request Desktop Control

When the Host requests Computer Restart. Participants can click Restart Computer or Deny.

When the Host requests Computer Restart


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