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Call Forwarding - Forward calls from current provider to RingCentral

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SummaryHow do I forward calls on my third party/number from different provider to my RingCentral account?
The Forward My Calls to RingCentral feature lets you maintain a phone number with your current provider, and forward calls automatically to your RingCentral account. After adding it as a Forwarded Number, RingCentral considers the first forwarded call a "verification" that the customer owns the number. After one successful forwarded call is detected, that Forwarded Number can be used as outbound Caller ID.

For Ultimate plan customers who want to upload a list of numbers to be forwarded to their RingCentral account you will need to prepare the following requirements:
a. Signed Substitute Presentation Caller ID Agreement 
NOTE: User ID is required on this document, request this information when you call support.
b. Bill-copy showing ownership of the numbers to be added
c. CSV list of numbers to be added as Forwarded Number in E.164 format
Format example: 16505551212 (country code in front of the number)
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