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How to Place a Three-Way Conference Call on your Polycom VVX 500/501/511

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SummaryHow do I initiate a three-way conference call on my Polycom VVX 500/501/511?
You can set up a conference by calling two people and using the Confrnc soft key, or by joining two existing calls using the Join soft key. 

Via Cnfrnc soft key

Step 1:

Call the first party.

Step 2:

During the Active Call, tap Confrnc. The active call will be put on hold. 

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Step 3:

Call the second party. 

Step 4:

When the second party answers, tap Confrnc to join everyone in a conference. 

Via Join soft key

You can use the Join soft key to conference calls when you have an active call and the other call on hold.

Step 1:

Press the Join key.

Step 2:

The parties will be joined on the line of the last active call.
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