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Setting a User's Do-Not-Disturb and Call Queue availability

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SummaryHow do I set a User's Do-not-Disturb and Call Queue availability?

When enabled, Do Not Disturb (DND) will send all your callers to voicemail. The Do Not Disturb feature on your RingCentral account is extension specific; it does not affect other extensions.

You can change your Do Not Disturb settings via the following:

 RingCentral for Desktop Icon
 RingCentral for Desktop
 RingCentral Online Account

For instructions on setting up DND on your RingCentral mobile app, see RingCentral Mobile app: Call Availability and Do-Not-Disturb Status.

RingCentral for Desktop Icon

Easily switch between Available, Busy, Do not disturb or Invible statuses without opening the RingCentral for Desktop and without doing extra clicks. This is available via dock on Mac and the Windows tray icon.

desktop app icon

RingCentral for Desktop

Step 1: 

Launch the RingCentral for Desktop. 

User-added image

Step 2: 

Click your RingCentral Number. 

click number

Step 3: 

Set your Do Not Disturb settings with the following options:

desktop app status

1. Shows your Current Status. Click User-added image to customize your status.

2. Choose Available to receive notifications and calls from your RingCentral for Desktop. 

3. When you select Busy, you are letting other Users know that you are Busy and you will have the option not to accept calls.

4. When you select Do Not Disturb, any calls will connect immediately to your voicemail.

5. Choose Invisible so other Users will not see whether you are Busy or Available. 

6. Toggle the button ON to accept call queues. If turned ON, you can still receive notifications and calls going directly to your Extension when you set your Status to Busy or Invisible.

NOTE: This setting is automatically applied to your extension once you have selected your desired DND function. You can disable this feature by setting it back to Take All Calls.

RingCentral Online Account

Step 1:

Log in to your RingCentral Online Account.

NOTE: Log on using  the credentials of the extension you wish to set up.

Step 2:

Click your name at the upper right corner of your RingCentral Online account.

dnd online account

Step 3:

Set your Do Not Disturb settings with the following options:

dnd online account

• Take All Calls
You will be able to receive notifications and calls from your mobile app.

• Do not accept call queue calls
You will still receive calls going directly to your extension, but you will not be able to receive calls from a department or call queue.

• Do not accept any calls
You will not receive any notifications or calls.


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