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Using the RingOut from your RingCentral Online Account

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SummaryThis article will show you how to use RingOut from your RingCentral online account
RingOut enables one-touch calling from any phone or Internet-enabled computer. When using RingOut from your computer, RingCentral contacts the caller first then connects the caller to the desired recipient. To know more about the RingOut feature, go to RingCentral RingOut.

RingOut can be initiated from the following sections when you log in to your RingCentral Online Account.

1. The RingOut Button on the Main Menu
2. The Overview tab
3. The Messages tab
4. The Contacts tab

The RingOut Button on the Main Menu

The RingOut button is on the top right portion of your RingCentral Online account.

RingOut Icon

To proceed with your RingOut call, go to Using the RingOut feature.

RingOut via Overview tab

The Overview tab displays the recent outgoing and incoming calls on your RingCentral account. Clicking on any of the displayed numbers will activate the RingOut feature. 

RingOut via Overview tab

To proceed with your RingOut call, go to Using the RingOut feature.

RingOut via Messages tab

Click the Messages tab to open your Inbox. The Inbox folder contains all the voice messages your extension has received with the sender's information. Click on the Sender's Number to initiate a RingOut call. 

RingOut via Messages tab

To proceed with your RingOut call, go to Using the RingOut feature.

RingOut via Contacts tab

To initiate a RingOut call via Contacts tab, follow the steps below. 

Step 1:

1. Click on the Contacts tab.
2. Click Personal to view the list of your extension's personal contacts.
3. Click the name of the contact that you want to call.

RingOut via Contacts tab

Step 2: 

On the contact's details, click the contact's number to initiate a call.

click on User number to call

To proceed with your RingOut call, scroll down or go to Using the RingOut feature.

Using the RingOut feature

When a RingOut call is initiated, a pop-up window for the RingOut feature will appear.

Step 1: 

If RingOut was initiated via the RingOut Button on the Main Menu, enter the number that you want to call on the box provided. You can enter the number using your keyboard, or by clicking the numbers on the on-screen keypad.

NOTE: If RingOut was initiated by clicking on the numbers via the Overview tabMessages tab or the Contacts tab, you no longer need to enter the phone number because the phone number will automatically populate the box.
Enter Number

You can also click the Recent Calls recent calls button button to select a number from your recent calls list or the Contacts contacts button button to click on one of your personal contact's number.

Step 2:

Click the drop down list to choose a phone number you want to use to talk to the person you want to call. The phone numbers listed are also the forwarding numbers you have in your extension.

RingOut Number Options

You can also enter a phone number that is not included in the list by selecting the Custom phone number option.

Custom Phone number

NOTE: When you select Custom phone number, you will be provided with a box where you can enter the phone number you want to use to make the call.

Enter Custom Number

Step 3:

1. Tick the Prompt me to press 1 before connecting the call to hear a prompt that will ask you to press 1 to proceed with the call. The prompt will play 3 times and if you are unable to press 1. the call will be disconnected after 40 seconds and RingOut will be cancelled.
2. Click Call to RingOut. RingCentral will contact you first on the phone number that you have selected, and then RingOut will connect you to the phone number you want to reach.

tick box to prompt 1

NOTE: After you click the Call button, your phone will ring and the RingOut window will show you a message that will inform you of what RingOut is currently doing. When your phone rings, you will see the number that you want to call as the caller ID, which will help you identify that the call you are getting is for the RingOut that you initiated. 

Call using RingOut

Step 4:

Once RingOut has connected you to the number that you want to call, you will see a message on the RingOut window that says "Call has been completed." The RingOut window will close automatically and then you can hang up manually on your phone if you wish to end your call.

NOTE: To end the call before RingOut connects to the person you are calling, click Hang Up.
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