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RingCentral Meetings Account: Configure General Company Settings

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SummaryHow do I configure general Company Settings on my Meetings account?
To configure your General Company Settings, click the Settings Tab on your RingCentral Meetings Account.

Step 1:

Go to Settings > Company.

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Step 2:

On the General tab you can configure Company Info and Appearance

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Company Info - You may change the following information:
• Company Name
• Company Address
• Zip Code
• City
• Province

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Click Save after your changes.

Appearance - On the appearance tab, you may upload a logo within the following parameters:
• Only JPEG, GIF or PNG image files can be uploaded.
• Only one graphic image can be displayed at a time.
• Maximum file size: 600 kb
• Optimal picture size: 160 x 24 pixels.

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Click Submit after your changes.

Sample: The logo will appear beside RingCentral on the top left.

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NOTE: Clicking on Reset Appearance resets the link and removes the logo from your online account.
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