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Checking the Shipping Status of Ordered Phones

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SummaryWhere are my phones? How do I find a tracking number for the phone I ordered?
Administrators and Users with administrator access can check the delivery status of ordered phones via the online account. There are two (2) ways to track your device orders:

NOTE:  You need to log in as an Administrator to your RingCentral Online Account to follow the steps below. Contact your account Administrator to track your device orders or assign a role to you to gain access on the options mentioned above. See User Roles and Permissions to learn more.

Via Phone System

Step 1:

Under Admin Portal, select the Phone System tab, and then click Phones & Devices.
admin - phone system - phones and devices

Step 2:

Under Phones & Devices, you will see five (5) tabs. Click on the tab where the device you wish to track is under. 
1. User Phones - This section shows that phones that are assigned to your User's extension.
2. Common phones - Common phones are shared phones in which users can log-in with their credentials to start using it.
3. Paging devices - A group of deskphones or overhead speakers used to broadcast pages.
4. Shared lines - A group of phones or devices, as on a sales floor or in a warehouse, that share one or more lines, such that calls to the shared line can be answered at any of the devices; the in-use status of that line is displayed on all the devices.
5.Unassigned - These are phones in your stock pile. You can set up and assign these phones to new users.
Step 3:
Click Check Progress on the device that you wish to track.

admin - phone system - phone and devices - select
A window will appear stating the Order Number, Date when it was placed or received, and the Order Status. Click OK to close.
admin - phone system - phone and devices - select - progress

Via Billing

Under Admin Portal, select the Billing tab, and then click Device Orders.  
admin - billing - device orders

Any orders you have should appear on this page.
admin - billing - device orders - orders

When your order has arrived, see Connecting your RingCentral Desk Phone to your Network for instructions on how to set it up.

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