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RingCentral Meetings Account: Where do I find my Webinar API Credential?

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SummaryWhere do I find my Webinar API Credential?
RingCentral Webinar is an add-on for RingCentral Meetings that lets you host virtual events and online trainings. RingCentral Webinar can be integrated with marketing automation systems such as Marketo and Salesforce Pardot. This article will guide you on where to find your Webinar API credential on your Meetings Account.

Use your Webinar API Credential when setting up integration with:
RingCentral Webinar Integration with Marketo
RingCentral Webinar Integration with Pardot

Step 1:

Go to Settings > Meetings.

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Step 2:

Select the Webinar tab.

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Step 3:

Scroll down to find your API Credential. Use the API Key and API Secret when setting up Webinar Integration.

Click Regenerate to generate new API Secret.

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