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RingCentral Meetings Account: How do I upgrade my Meetings Account Subscription?

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SummaryHow do I upgrade my RingCentral Meetings Account subscription?

Free and Essentials RingCentral Meetings Account can upgrade their RingCentral Meetings subscription by going to Billing > Subscription.

NOTE: You must have at least Billing Admin permissions to be able to upgrade your subscription. Free users may ask their account's Super Admin/ Billing Admin to upgrade their Meetings Account Subscription.

Step 1:

Go to Billing > Subscription.

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Step 2:

On the Overview tab, click Upgrade Subscription.

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Step 3:

On the Change Subscription page, follow the process to continue.

Select Subscription
Select the right RingCentral Meetings subscription for you and your team. Click Select to upgrade.

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NOTE: You may compare each subscription by clicking on Key Differentiators, Included Features, Collaboration Features.

Add licenses
Adding licenses is optional. You may click the add buttons for licenses you want to add.

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A summary will appear on the bottom of the page. Click Next to proceed.

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Verify Credit Card
Verify your Credit Card information.  Click Next to proceed.

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NOTE: You may click Edit to change your Credit Card information.

Review & Confirm
Review your charges and Confirm the upgrade. Check the Acknowledgement statement to proceed.

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On the Confirmation page, you may print the transaction details. Click Done to return to your Subscription Overview.

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