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Call Park Frequently Asked Questions

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SummaryCall Park Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Call Park?

Call Park is a local network feature that allows RingCentral Office Users to put a call on public call park and have a User pick up on another phone by dialing the park location. For example, *801 to retrieve the call.

2. Does Call Park work for both inbound and outbound calling?

Yes, Call Park works both ways:

• Inbound - both inside and outside the RingCentral system
• Outbound - only outside the RingCentral system. It does not work within the RingCentral system.

Example: User A within RingCentral account cannot park an outbound call to user B.

3. Does it work only on RingCentral desk phones?

Incoming calls can be parked and retrieved on any RingCentral desk phone, regardless of office location. Calls can also be parked using your home phone, the RingCentral Phone or smartphone as long as it's part of the call routing/forwarding rules.

The Park soft key is currently not available on Cisco SPA 508 or SPA 303 desk phones.

4. What is Park Location?

It’s the virtual system location – not to be confused with user extensions. Virtual locations where an inbound or outbound call is parked are preceded by an asterisk symbol (*).

• Maximum number of simultaneously parked locations are 100, which range from *800 - *899

5. Can I park to a specific User extension?

Yes, calls can be parked in a public or a private call park.

6. How much does Call Park cost?

The Call Park feature is included for free with RingCentral Office and Office Unlimited plans.

7. What are the supported desk phones for this features?

Supported desk phones are Cisco and Polycom phones except on Cisco SPA 508 and Cisco SPA 303 models.

8. How many calls can I park in a single location?

You can park 1 call per park location. 

9. How may Park Locations can I have?

You're allowed up to 100 park locations.

10. How many users are allowed in a Park Location?

Not limited.

11. Which RingCentral plan is it available with?

Call Park feature is included for free with RingCentral Office and Unlimited plans.

12. Does Call Park work for transferred calls?

It is only supported for warm transfers on desk phone using call park soft key.

13. Can I perform Call Park using the RingCentral Phone for Mobile?

Yes, you can park and retrieve a parked call using RingCentral Phone for Mobile.

14. What happens if someone who does not belong to Park Location dials the DTMF codes to pick up?

He will receive the following message, "This group does not accept phone calls. You will now be disconnected."

15. How long does a call stay parked?

Park recall timer is 5 minutes — then the call rings back to the phone that parked the call.

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