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RingCentral Meetings Account: How do I Add Licenses?

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SummaryHow do I add licenses on my RingCentral Meetings Account?
To add licenses to your RingCentral Meetings Account, you need Super Admin or Billing Admin Permissions. Go to Billing > License Management to add licenses.

Step 1:

Go to Billing > License Management.

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Step 2:

Scroll down to see the list of Additional Licenses (Large Meeting, Room Connector, RingCentral Rooms, RingCentral Webinar). Click Add to Cart on the Licenses you want to add.

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Step 3:

Added Licenses will show on the right. You may change  the license quantity on the space provided. You may also click the trash icon to remove licenses from the cart.
Click Checkout to proceed.

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Step 4:

On the Purchase Licenses page, you can see the details of your license order and change the quantity or remove an order from the list. Click Next to proceed.

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Step 5:

Review and Confirm your License purchase. Check the acknowledgement statement and click Next to continue the purchase.

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Step 6:

You may Print your Billing details or click Done to return to the License Management view. 

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A notification will appear on the Licenses Management page.

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