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Intercom Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the RingCentral Intercom feature?

The RingCentral Intercom feature allows hands-free peer-to-peer conversations between users on desk phones. It enables you to call an individual extension and the destination phone automatically answers the call in speakerphone mode. To learn more about this feature, go to Intercom Feature Overview. To learn how to setup the Intercom feature on your RingCentral online account, go to Enabling Intercom on your RingCentral Online Account.

2. Who can enable Intercom permissions?

A RingCentral Account Administrator or User can enable Intercom permissions. To learn how to enable and set up your Intercom permissions, go to Enabling Intercom on your RingCentral Online Account.

3. When does the Intercom soft key appear on the deskphone?

Once an account is signed up and phones are assigned to users, the Intercom soft key will appear on the compatible phones.

4. Which RingCentral service supports Intercom feature?

RingCentral Office and Office Unlimited only.

5. Can the Intercom feature be used on the RingCentral Desktop app or Mobile app?

Yes. The RingCentral Desktop app and Mobile app does not have an Intercom soft key but can still initiate an Intercom call by dialing *85. The RingCentral Desktop app and Mobile app CAN NOT RECEIVE Intercom calls.

6. Can multiple deskphones for a single user be setup to receive Intercom?

No. Only one (1) deskphone per user can be assigned to receive Intercom.

7. Is there a limit to the duration of an Intercom?

Yes. Intercom has a limit of three (3) hours.

8. Does Intercom appear in Call logs?

Yes. Intercom appears in the Call logs of the User who initiated and received the Intercom call. In Call log's Simple View, Intercom appears as a regular call. It will be labelled as an Intercom call when in Detailed View.   

9. What is the difference between Intercom and Paging?

Intercom is a peer-to-peer, two-way communication between two (2) devices or users. Paging is a one-way broadcast to a single or multiple devices or users.

10. Will the Intercom feature still work if the phone is on Do Not Disturb (DND)?

The Intercom call is converted into a regular call and will route to the receiving User's voicemail.

11. What will be the behaviour of the intercom feature If an extension is engaged in a call?

The Intercom call is converted into a regular call, will display as a regular Incoming call, and will not say its an Intercom call on the receiving end.

12. Can an Intercom call be recorded?

The Intercom recipient can use Manual or Automatic Call recording on Intercom calls. However, the User who initiated the Intercom call can not.

13. Will an Intercom call send out a notification?

No. Intercom calls do not generate notifications.
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