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Admin: Enable Intercom

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SummaryAs an Account Administrator, or as an Extension User, how do I enable the Intercom feature on my RingCentral online account?
The RingCentral Intercom feature allows hands-free peer-to-peer conversations between Users on desk phones and the RingCentral Phone. It enables Users to call another extension in the company using the Intercom soft key on the desk phone. The extension phone beeps to notify the User of the incoming Intercom call, then the User's phone automatically answers in speakerphone mode. This feature requires an Intercom-capable phone and is useful for announcing parked calls, notifying of visitors, and engaging in hands-free communications with colleagues. The Intercom feature is disabled by default. 

NOTE:  Call routing and forwarding are supported, so if Users are on Intercom calls on their desk phones, the incoming regular phone calls can be automatically forwarded to another device. See User: Configure Call Forwarding and User: Configure Incoming Call Information to learn how you can set forwarding rules if your desk phone is busy.

The following RingCentral devices support placing and receiving Intercom calls.
Cisco303 / 502G / 504G / 508G / 509G / 514G / 525G / 525G2 / 7841 / 8861
PolycomSoundPoint IP: 321/ 331 / 335 / 450 / 550 / 560 / 650 / 670

NOTE: Polycom 6000 conference phones do not have soft keys but use the touch-tone command *85 to initiate an Intercom session.
VVX: VVX101 / VVX201 / VVX310 / VVX410 / VVX500 / VVX311 / VVX411 / VVX501 / VVX601
RingCentral PhoneCANNOT make and receive Intercom calls;
Can only INITIATE an Intercom call.
RingCentral Phone for MobileCANNOT make Intercom calls. Incoming Intercom calls are converted into regular inbound calls.

Accessing the Intercom Settings 


You can setup your extension's Intercom configuration. Click the Settings tab, and then click Phones & Numbers. See User: Enable Intercom for the detailed instructions.


You can set up your or another User's Intercom configuration. Click the Users tab under the Admin Portal view, and then follow the instructions below.

Step 1:

On the User list > Users With Extensions tab, click the User.

On the User list > Users With Extensions tab, click the User.

Step 2:

Click Phones & Numbers.

Click Phones & Numbers.

Step 3:

Click Phones, and then click Intercom.

Click Phones & Numbers, then click Intercom.

Step 4:

Select On on Phone permitted to accept intercom calls.

Select On next to Phone permitted to accept intercom calls.

NOTE: Make sure that there is an available phone to receive Intercom calls. If no phone is available, a message saying, "Currently none of your assigned phones can receive Intercom calls. Phones with this capability can be purchased from RingCentral by clicking "Add Phone"" will appear. See Purchase a Desk Phone via the RingCentral Online Account to learn how to add phones in your account.

Step 5:

Select the device where the User should accept Intercom calls.

Select the device where the User should accept Intercom calls.

Step 6:

Click the Users tab.

Click the Users tab.

Step 7:

Select the User/s who can make Intercom calls to the selected User.

Click Save.
Select the User/s who can make Intercom calls to the selected User. Click Save.

For Account Administrators configuring their own Extension settings, click Admin Portal > My Extension.

Administrators should log in to the RingCentral Online account then go to My Extension in order to configure his Intercom settings.

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