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RingCentral Meetings - Desktop | Invite Participants to a Meeting

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SummaryYou can invite Participants to a meeting even if the meeting has already started. See steps below to learn how.


RingCentral Meetings - Desktop | Invite Participants to a Meeting

You can click Invite Others on the active Meetings screen or Invite on the In-Meetings Dashboard.

rc meetings desktop invite

The Invite people to join meeting window will pop-out. You can select different options to invite Participants.

Invite by Email

You can choose from the following email service to send an invitation:

• Default Email
• Gmail 
• Yahoo Mail

Invite by Phone

1. Enter Invitee Name and Phone Number on the fields provided.
2. Click Invite.

Invite a Room System

You can select to invite a Room System via the following:

• Dial In
- You can dial in either of the numbers posted on the Meetings Screen from your H.323/SIP Room System, and enter the Meeting ID.
- You can enter the pairing code on the field provided and then click Invite.

See RingCentral Room Connector - Joining to a RingCentral Meeting | Pairing to learn more.

• Call Out
You can call a H.323/SIP Room System if enabled in your account.
1. Enter IP address or E.164 number.
2. Select H.323 or SIP.
3. Click Call.

Copy URL

Click to copy and paste invitation URL.

Copy Invitation

Click to copy and paste invitation Email.

NOTE: When setting up a RingCentral Meeting from a Global Office, a Conference bridge and Meeting ID will be generated. You can use the conference bridge to join the meeting or select the specific US International Dial-In number or UK International Dial-In number for the country you are located in.

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