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Resizing your screen when using RingCentral Meetings for Desktop

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SummaryHow do I resize your screen when using RingCentral Meetings for Desktop?
The RingCentral Meetings for Desktop allows you to adjust the size of the meeting screen while on a meeting. There are four (4) options when adjusting the size of the meeting screen.

NOTE: Options will be available if all/some participants are using video in a meeting.

Click and Drag

Point the cursor on any edge of the RingCentral Meetings screen. Click and hold while dragging the cursor to adjust the screen to the preferred size.
meetings window

Full Screen

To enter Full-screen mode you can double-click anywhere on the video meeting screen.

NOTE:  You can also click on the Full-screen icon in the upper-right hand corner of your meeting window.

 full screen view


You can also select to view your video layout in Gallery View.  To switch to Gallery View please select the icon located in the upper-right hand corner of your screen.  When viewing the Gallery view you will be able to see all participants (up to 25) in the same window.

 gallery view


To switch to Mini, simply click on the minimize icon in your window.  You can move the mini video window around.

minimize view

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