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Finding your RingCentral Meeting ID

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SummaryHow do I find my RingCentral Meeting ID?
 The Meeting ID is a 10-digit code that you give to meeting participants who are not in your contact list.  This article will guide you on how to find your RingCentral Meeting ID

For ongoing Meetings
For upcoming Meeting IDs

For ongoing Meetings

For ongoing meetings in Windows, the Meeting ID is displayed at the top of the left hand side of your video panel.   

rc meetings 5.1 win meetings id

NOTE: You may not see your Participant ID in Windows at the top. You can see your Participant ID on the main Meetings screen when not on share screen.

rc meetings 5.1 win meetings id participant id

If you are using a Mac computer, the Meeting ID is displayed at the top middle of your video panel.  If you are in full screen mode, press Esc to see the Meeting ID. 

rc meetings 5.1 mac meetings id

For Android and iOS, tap the screen to display the Meeting ID. 

User-added image

NOTE:  If you click on Participants > Invite, you will see the Invitation URL: ringcentral.com/j/1234567890.  The 10-digit code is the Meeting ID.

For upcoming Meeting IDs

Step 1:

Log in to RingCentral Meetings.

Step 2:

Click Meetings.

rc meetings 5.1 meetings

Step 3:

Under Upcoming, you will see the list of upcoming Meetings. You can see the Meeting ID beneath the topic.

NOTE:  The Personal Meeting ID (PMI) can also be used when setting up meetings. However, the Host of a meeting can change this number so it's best to check the meeting invite to join the correct meeting.


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