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SummaryHow do I add or purchase an IP phone or RingCentral Digital Line from the online account?

A RingCentral SIP Phone is a phone that is purchased directly from RingCentral. All SIP phones purchased from RingCentral are pre-configured, with a Digital Line, and ready for use when plugged in to your network. 

A RingCentral Digital Line is assigned to your IP Phone or RingCentral for Desktop (Softphone) in order to make inbound and outbound calls. Unlike your Additional Numbers or Virtual Numbers, a RingCentral Digital Line allows you to receive and make direct outbound calls from your IP Phone and RingCentral desktop app simultaneously.

Purchase a Desk Phone via the RingCentral Online Account

Step 1:

Step 2: 

Under Admin Portal, click Phone System, and then click on Phones & Devices.
On the Phones & Devices section, click on the Unassigned tab.

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Step 3:

Under the Unassigned tab, click on Add Device.

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Step 4: 

Select Domestic, and then click Next to proceed.

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NOTE: For instructions on how to add a Desk phone that will be used in an International location, go to Adding a RingCentral Global Office Number through the Online Account.

Step 5:

Select the device that you want to order from the list. Click on your chosen device, and then click Add to Cart.
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Step 6:

Specify the number of device that you want to order under QTY, and then click Next.

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Step 7: 

Select the Shipping Address. There is no phone to be shipped since you already have an Existing phone for the Digital Line. We only need to do this as part of the needed steps.

You can select a Shipping Address from the drop-down list. You can also add a New Shipping Address by clicking on New.

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If you click New to add a new Shipping Address, the page will redirect to a window where you can add a new Shipping Address. You can click Save address so you can use it in the future, and then click Add.

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Step 8:

Select the Device that will be shipped to the address that you have specified, and then click Create Shipping Group.

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Step 9:

Click Next.

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Step 10:

Review and confirm your order.
Tick the box, and then click Next to proceed.

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Step 11:

Click Done or click Print to have a copy of your order.

NOTE: Your ordered device will appear under the Unassigned Phones section on your account. To assign the device to a User in your account, follow the steps in Set up and Assign an Unassigned phone to a User in your account, and then select Unassigned phones ordered from RingCentral.

2. Check the Shipping Status of your Ordered Phone/s

To track your Device Orders, follow the steps on Checking the Shipping Status of Ordered Phones. While waiting for your order to arrive, it is advisable to prepare your network for VoIP calling.

3. Connect your RingCentral Desk Phone to your Network 

To set up your network for VoIP calling and for instructions on how to connect your phones, go to Connecting your RingCentral Desk Phone to your Network.
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