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How to Purchase a Deskphone | RingCentral

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SummaryDeskphones purchased through the RingCentral online account are pre-configured to work with your RingCentral phone system out-of-the-box. There is no need for further setup once you receive them. This article shows you the process on how to purchase a deskphone through your RingCentral online account.



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NOTE: To track your Device Orders, follow the steps on Checking the Shipping Status of Ordered Phones. While waiting for your order to arrive, it is advisable to prepare your network for VoIP calling.

1. Log in to your RingCentral Online Account as an administrator.
2. Click Phones & Devices > User Phones under Phone System.
3. Click Add Device.
4. Select Domestic, then click Next. For instructions on how to add a Desk phone that will be used in an International location, go to Adding a RingCentral Global Office Number through the Online Account.
5. Select the preferred device to be ordered from the list. Enter the quantity and click Add
6. Click Next.
7. Select an Emergency Address from the list, then enter the Customer Name. Select the device from the list, then click Assign to Selected. Click Next.
8. Review your order. Tick the box to acknowledge the charges, then click Next to proceed.
9. Click Done. Click Print to have a copy of your order.

NOTE: RingCentral has set limits for the protection of customers from fraudulent activities or over usage. You may get a message saying that you have exceeded the maximum allowed value that can be processed on your account in a single billing cycle. For security purposes, please contact RingCentral Customer Support to verify your Billing Information and request an account limit increase and proceed with your desired transaction.

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