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Updating the Dial-by-Name Directory Settings

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SummaryWhat is Dial-by-Name Directory and how do I set it up?
Your RingCentral phone system has a Dial-by-Name Directory option, which is very helpful for the callers to search and immediately be connected to the person they want to speak with. Dial-by-Name Directory enables your callers to find extensions in your system by first or last name when they press 9, or another extension number you've selected, from the auto-receptionist. You can change how the extensions are searched, either by first name or last name, configure the list of extensions included, and change the extension number of the directory. Follow the steps below to set up your company's Dial-by-Name Directory.

NOTE: If you want to reach the Dial-by-Name Directory, you must call the Main RingCentral Number.

Step 1:

Log in as an Administrator to your RingCentral account.

NOTE: You need to be an Account Administrator to perform this action.

Step 2:

On the Admin Portal page, click Phone System.

dial by name directory - click phone system

Step 3:

Click Auto-Receptionist > Dial-by-Name Directory.

dial by name directory - select dial by name directory

Step 4.

Under the Dial-by-Name Directory section, you will see the following options: 
Enable or disable the Dial-by-Name directory - You can toggle On or Off to enable or disable the Dial-by-Name directory feature, depending on your preference.
dial by name directory - enable dial by name directory

Select the extensions you want to include in the Dial-by-Name directory - By default, all of the extensions and departments are included in the Dial-by-Name directory list. To edit the list, click Edit under Searchable Extensions.
dial by name directory - click edit

Select the Extension(s) that you want to include in the directory by ticking the check box beside the Name.  Click Done

NOTE:  You can also type in the Search box and select from the list of Departments to locate the Extension. Click Show All to see all your Extensions or Show Selected to see also the selected Extensions.
dial by name directory - extension list

Change the Directory Extension number - The default extension for the dial-by-name directory is 9. You can change the Directory Extension number according to your preference.
dial by name directory - directory number

Change how extensions are searched - You can either set the extensions to be searched by first name or last name on the Dial-by-Name directory.
dial by name directory - how extensions are searched

Step 5:

Click Save.

dial by name directory - click save
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