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SummaryI want RingCentral to be able to access my files on Box. How do I create a Box Account online?

This article will guide you on how to create a Box account online. 


Step 1:

Launch a web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome).  Type www.box.com on the address bar then press the Enter key.

User-added image

Step 2:

Once the Box homepage appears, click Sign Up on the top right side of your screeen.

User-added image

NOTE:  You can also click on the User-added image tab on the welcome screen.

Step 3:

You will see a selection of available plans. Click Personal Plans.

Box - Plans available

NOTE:  You may choose to sign up for a Business Plan instead.

Step 4:

Click Sign Up under Personal Plan for a free account.

Box - Personal Plans - Free Plan Sign Up

NOTE:  You may opt for the Personal Pro account instead, depending on your preference.

Step 5:

Fill out the information required on the free account set up page.

Box - Free account setup page

Alternatively, you can connect your Google account. Click Sign in with Google which is on the bottom left part of the page.

Box - Free account setup page - Sign in with Google

Step 6:

A confirmation message will be sent to your email. 

Box - Free account setup page - Email Confirmation window

Open the email account you used to sign up.
Click on the link in the email to activate your Box account and complete the sign up process.

Box - Email Activation - Verify Email

NOTE:  It may take a while before the activation email appears on your inbox. Check your junk mail folder. Otherwise, click Resend Email.

Step 7:

You will now be redirected to the Getting Started page and will be automatically logged using your credentials.

Box - Activated - Getting Started Page

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