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Billing - Check account billing details | RingCentral Phone iOS

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SummaryHow do I check the billing details of your RingCentral account using the mobile app for iOS?
Account Administrators also have access to the Billing menu via the RingCentral mobile app. As an account admin, you can view the plan, usage minutes for International Calling, Toll-Free minutes and your Unlimited minutes. You also have the ability to change the current plan.
This article shows how Account Administrators check the billing details of the account using the RingCentral mobile app.

Step 1:

Launch your RingCentral mobile app on your Apple device.
User-added image

Step 2:

Tap My Profile.
profile picture

Step 3:

Scroll down, then tap Billing.

Step 4:

Tap Service Plan to review your RingCentral service and costs, check your billing history, and purchase additional minutes.
Service Plan

This section will show you the following:
• Service Plan
• Billing Plan
• Account Credit
• Billing Cycle
• Next Billing Date
• Unlimited Usage
• Usage Info
• Additional Services
• Additional Phones
• Billing History
• Auto-Purchase

Service Plan also lets you change your plan and billing cycle.
Mobile App - My Profile - Billing - Service Plan Screen
You have now checked the billing details of your RingCentral account on your iOS device.

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