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Parking a Call in a Public Location Using Touch Tone Commands

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SummaryHow can I answer a call on another line using the Call Park feature?

When you receive a call on your RingCentral device, there may be instances where you would like to answer a call on another line (i.e., a private or confidential call). You can transfer that call to an available line within your network using the Call Park feature.

If your device does not have the Call Park softkey available, you may use touch tone commands.
  Below are the steps on how to park a call in a public location, and retrieving that parked call on another phone within the RingCentral system.

i.  Parking a Call
ii. Retrieving a Parked Call

Parking a Call
Step 1:
Put the call on hold by pressing the pound (#) key twice.

Step 2:
Press star (*) key.

Step 3:
Press 3 to park the call.

Step 4:
Listen to the announcement to know which extension it was parked.

NOTE:  The call is parked on a 8** virtual extension.

Step 5:
Hang up and notify.
Retrieving a Parked Call
Step 1:
On another phone, press the
star (*) key then the Virtual Extension (8** number) that was generated by the system when the call was parked.


• Call Parked at extension 810
• Using another phone in the system, press *810 to retrieve the parked call.
NOTE:  Retrieving a parked call can only be done by a RingCentral registered phone.

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