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Transfer to Voicemail – Cisco Phones

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SummaryYou can manually transfer calls directly to a voicemail.  This article will guide you on how to transfer directly to voicemail on a Cisco phone. For steps on how to transfer calls directly to voicemail for Polycom Phones, go to:

Transfer to Voicemail – Cisco Phones


1. During the call, press the “BlindXfer” soft key. Blind transfers only show the originating Caller ID.

NOTE:  It may also be labeled as “bxfer” depending on the specific set type.
2. Press *0.
3. Enter the extension number of the voicemail that the caller is to be sent to.

NOTE:  This can also be your own extension number.

4.Press the “Dial” soft key. 

The caller is then immediately sent to the voicemail box of the destination extension number you entered.

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