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Scheduling an implementation appointment

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SummaryHow do I schedule an implementation appointment?
This article will guide you on how to schedule an implementation appointment.  You can schedule an implementation appointment via Express Setup at sign-up. 

NOTE:  This feature is available for Office plans with two (2) or more customers.

Using the Express Setup

Once you have purchased RingCentral Office, it’s instantly activated so you can immediately receive calls and customize your auto-receptionist, answering rules and virtual extensions from your online account. 

Express Setup is a feature that serves as a guide for new customers in setting up their RingCentral account. The wizard will help you go through a quick and basic set-up of their phone system.

Step 1:

After setting up your account password and security question, you will be routed to the Express Setup page.  

NOTE:  See Setting Up Your RingCentral Online Account Using the Admin Express Setup for instructions.

Step 2:

You can schedule an implementation appointment at the beginning of the setup by clicking on the link provided.

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You can also schedule an implementation appointment once your account has been set up. Click Schedule Now.

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Step 3:
Once the Schedule an Implementation Appointment window appears, you will be asked to set the Date/ Time first. Click on the drop-down arrow to set your Timezone.

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Step 4:

Click on the calendar icon to set the Week beginning.  

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Step 5:

Scroll down to select your preferred Time.   

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Step 6:

You will then be taken to the Customer Details page. Enter your details in the field provided. Click Confirm when done.

NOTE:  Tick the Are you the primary contact for the training? checkbox if it applies to you.  You can also click Back to set your preferred Date/ Time again.

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You have now scheduled an implementation appointment. Click Print to print your Appointment Confirmation receipt or click Export to Calendar and select the calendar you want your schedule to be exported to.
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An Implementation advisor from RingCentral will contact you on your specified implementation date.

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