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SummaryHow do I change the Service Plan settings using the RingCentral mobile app on my iOS or Android device?
The RingCentral mobile app provides Account Administrators the convenience of managing the account settings, including Billing menus straight from their iOS or Android devices. Accessing Service Plan lets you review your RingCentral service and costs, check your billing history, and purchase additional toll-free minutes and international calling credits (if you have the admin rights).
IMPORTANT: You need log in to your RingCentral online account in order to change your plan.
This article discusses how administrators can access the Service Plan settings using the mobile app.

Step 1:

Mobile app icon

Step 2:

Tap your Profile Picture.
profile picture

Step 3:

Tap Billing.
Tap Billing

Step 4:

Tap Service Plan.

Service Plan Settings - Service Plan

Step 5:

You can review your Service Plan information in this section.
Service Plan Settings - Service Plan Settings 1

Service Plan Settings - Service Plan Settings 2

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