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International Calling - View enabled/disabled countries | RingCentral Phone iOS

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SummaryHow do I check countries with enabled or disabled International Calling on my iOS mobile app?
International calls incur charges. To manage your costs, outbound International Calling is disabled by default. Users will not be able to call out of the U.S. unless you enable International Calling.
This article demonstrates how you can view countries with enabled or disabled International Calling on your iOS mobile app.

Step 1:

Launch your RingCentral mobile app on your Apple device.
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Step 2:

Tap My Profile.
profile picture

Step 3:

Scroll down, then tap Billing.

Step 4:

Tap International Calling.
international calling

Step 5:

If disabled, tap Enable International Calling to display and enable a list of countries and their calling areas.
enable international calling

Step 6:

Enable or disable specific calling areas. Use any of the available viewing options to view the current settings for each country. To Disable International Calling for specific countries, tap the button beside the calling rate per country
All - View both enabled and disabled countries.
Enabled - View enabled countries only.

Disabled - View disabled countries only.
International Calling options

The list is organized alphabetically. Tap Show 10 more... to view more countries.
International Calling options2
NOTE: Rates are subject to change. International calls are paid using Calling Credits. International roaming must be enabled with your carrier for your cellular network. Data roaming charges may apply for such calls.

Check the following articles to learn more about Auto Purchase:

For your convenience, you can also search for specific countries.
search country
NOTE: The per-minute costs for outbound calls are shown for each calling area for each country.
(Callers from outside the U.S. can continue to reach your local (non-800) numbers regardless of your selection.)

You have now viewed the countries with enabled or disabled International Calling on your iOS mobile app.

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