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RingCentral Meetings Overview

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SummaryGetting to know the RingCentral Meetings

What is RingCentral Meetings?

RingCentral Meetings is a Cloud Video Conferencing service that unifies HD video conferencing, mobility, and web meetings together as a free cloud service. RingCentral Meetings gives you the power to video conference and web share, as part of your complete business communications solution. Hold face-to-face meetings in high definition and share your desktop or documents with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

RingCentral Meetings offers you an option to have video conferencing and collaboration without changing your existing phone services by signing up for a RingCentral Meetings Account. For more information on the RingCentral Meetings Account, go to  RingCentral Meetings Account Overview.

NOTE: RingCentral Meetings and Conferencing provide different features. For more information, go to Difference between RingCentral Conferencing feature and RingCentral Meetings App.


HD Video Conferencing
Audio dial-in access
Screen-sharing: desktop, documents, applications, dual-monitor screen share
Multi-point video conferencing
Video gallery can see up to 25 video streams at once
Spotlight speaker
Schedule meetings for another host
Integrated chat
VoIP calling, Phone call-in
Call Me and Call Out
Drawing tools: markup or draw on shared documents and applications
Calendar integration: Schedule meetings using iCal, Google or Outlook
Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android
Meeting bridge can go up to 24 hours

NOTE: Some VoIPPSTN and Mobile carriers dialing in to the bridge may have shorter call length limits that could terminate your connection. You may need to check with your provider about your calling restrictions.


The ability to host RingCentral Meetings will be available to all RingCentral Meetings plans and RingCentral Office Editions plans. Administrators can assign themselves or assign Users to be the host of a meeting. Participants will only need to download the app to be able to join meetings. The following table lists the difference in number of participants among the different RingCentral plans:

Office Editions

Maximum Number of Participants for Meetings








RingCentral Meetings AccountMaximum Number of Participants
*2 users per meeting: unlimited video usage
3-100 users per meeting: 40 min limit)

To extend your RingCentral Meetings capacity with up to 100 or 200 participants, see Large Meetings to learn more. 

NOTE: When setting up a RingCentral Meeting from a Global Office, a US Conference bridge and Meeting ID will be generated. You can use the US conference bridge to join the meeting or select the specific International Dial-In number for the country you are located in.

Main Screen

RingCentral Meetings for DesktopRingCentral Meetings Mobile App
rc meetings 6.1 smallrc meetings 6.0 dashboard

In the main screen, the following options are available:

RingCentral Meetings for Desktop 

• Start without video - This button will allow you to start the meeting with your computer's camera disabled.
• Start with video - This button will immediately start a video conference as a host. You can invite participants while the meeting is in progress.
• Schedule - This option will allow you to create a future meeting and send invites to participants. 
• Join -  This button will allow you to enter the Meeting ID and your name as it logs you into a meeting.
• Share screen - This button enables proximity sharing that works with RingCentral Rooms and allows participants to instantly share their computer screen without joining a meeting​. This also allows multiple simultaneous screen share. 
• Home - This option navigates you back to the app's home page.
• Meetings - Takes you to the list of upcoming and previously recorded meetings.
• Drop down menu - Allows you to manually check for updates, pull up RingCentral's support site for help, log out or exit. You can also see and change your Personal Meeting ID and see the Host Key if you want to start a meeting with a RingCentral Room Connector system.
• Settings - This allows you to optimize your Meetings environment. 

NOTE:  Dual monitors is enabled by default. If you are using only a single monitor, uncheck Use dual monitors on RingCentral Meetings Settings. To see a full outline of the RingCentral Meetings updates, see RingCentral Meetings Enhancements with v 5.1.

RingCentral Meetings Mobile App

• Meet Now - This option will allow you to immediately start a meeting.
• Join -This option will allow you to enter the Meeting ID and your name as it logs you into a meeting.
• Schedule -This option will allow you to create a future meeting and send invites to participants.
• Upcoming - Takes you to the list of upcoming meetings.
• Home - This option navigates you back to the app's home page.
• Settings - Takes you to the app's settings page.  You can see and change your Personal Meeting ID and also see the Host Key from here.

RingCentral Meetings to Glip Mobile

All Office and Meetings-only plans can take advantage of seamless login and navigation from RingCentral Meetings to Glip and vice versa, without having to download RingCentral Phone for Mobile. Android and iOS devices are supported.

Login Experience

Once you are logged in to RingCentral Meetings Mobile App, you don't have to re-enter your login credentials when you open your Glip Mobile App. Just tap your name to continue.

Log in to RingCentral Meetings Mobile AppWhen Glip opens, tap Continue as....Log in success
rc meetings 6.0 dashboardUser-added imageUser-added image

Better Navigation from RingCentral Meetings to Glip

Tap the Contacts button to look up your contacts or tap the Glip button to send instant messages right from RingCentral Meetings Mobile App. 

rc meetings better navigation.png

Auto-login to RingCentral Meetings from Glip

Tap the Video button to immediately launch RingCentral Meetings from Glip.

User-added image


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