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RingCentral Phone Mobile - Block Unwanted Callers

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SummaryHow can I block unwanted callers on the RingCentral Mobile App?
Adding phone numbers to your Blocked List prevents spam messages and unwanted calls to your extension, or RingCentral account.

IMPORTANT: When a number is added to the blocked numbers list, it blocks all incoming calls, faxes and text messages from that number. When Users block a number, it is only applied to the extension where they are logged in. If the Super Admin blocks a number while logged in to the System Extension (the main extension of the account), it is applied to all extensions in the account; which means that the number is blocked from calling any number associated with the account.

The following behavior are observed when a number is added to a User's blocked list: 
The User/ Extension who added a number to its blocked list can still call and send faxes to a blocked number.
The User/ Extension who added a number to its blocked list will be unable to send a text message to a blocked number and will get an error message Message not delivered. The recipient number is not valid.
The blocked number will NOT get any message or indicator that the text message sent to the User/ Extension is blocked/not sent.

NOTE: The option to block SMS or MMS ONLY is currently NOT available. To request for the option to block SMS or MMS only, you can Submit a request for a new Idea or Feature via the RingCentral Community. If you want to disable the SMS or MMS feature on one or multiple RingCentral local numbers on your account, please contact RingCentral Customer Support by clicking on the links below.

• RingCentral US
• RingCentral Canada
• RingCentral UK

Follow the steps below to learn how to block numbers on your RingCentral Mobile App.  

NOTE: Images may vary depending on your mobile device, however, buttons are the same.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Tap Recents.

User-added image

Step 3:

Tap the Information icon to view more information about the call log.

User-added image

Step 4:

Tap Block Number.


Step 6:

Tap Continue.


QUICK TIP: If you would like to unblock the number, just tap Unblock Number, and then tap Continue.

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