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RingCentral Phone Mobile - Submit feedback

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SummaryHow do I submit a feedback from my iOS or Android RingCentral Mobile app?
This article demonstrates how you can use your RingCentral Mobile app to submit a feedback This feature allows you to provide comments, suggestions or request for direct assistance.

NOTE: While the screenshots below were taken from an iOS device, the same steps apply to Android devices.

Step 1:

Launch the RingCentral Mobile app on your device.
Mobile app icon

Step 2:

Tap your Profile picture.
Tap your Profile picture.

Step 3:

Tap About.

Tap About.

Step 4:

Tap Send Feedback Email.
Tap Send Feedback Email.

Step 5:

You will then see a screen prompting you to choose the email program that you want to send your feedback.
Compose the email, then tap Send.
Compose the email, then tap Send.
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