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Assigning a Number to an Extension or Auto-Receptionist

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SummaryHow do I assign additional number to an extension or auto-receptionist?
Additional numbers to the RingCentral phone system can be assigned and reassigned to different extensions. Follow these instructions to assign an additional number to an extension or to the Auto-Receptionist.

Step 1:

Step 2:

On the Admin Portal page, click Phone System > Phone Numbers.

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Step 3:

On the Phone Numbers window, select Company and click on the phone number that you wish to assign/re-assign.

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Step 4:

Here you have two (2) options that you can choose:
i. Assign the number to Auto-Receptionist, so it will follow the rule that you have under the Auto-receptionist page. Select Auto-Receptionist and then, click Save.
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ii. Assign the number to an Extension that will follow the rule set on the extension. Select Extension and click Select Extension.

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QUICK TIP:  Alternatively, back on the Company window, you can just hover on the selected phone number that you want to assign and click on Assign to Ext.
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You will be then taken to the Select Extension Window. Select where you want to assign the number and click Save.

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Step 5:

Click Save to confirm changes.

You have now assigned an additional number to an extension or to the Auto-Receptionist.
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