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RingCentral Paging Overview

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SummaryThis article will discuss the Paging feature. The Paging feature enables business’ real-time one-way broadcasting through multiple desk phones and overhead paging devices. It is commonly required function in many industries, such as warehouse, hospital, retail, etc. It enables real-time announcements to a combination of desk phones and overhead paging devices. It lets you connect to your SIP-based paging devices and start paging, without the need of complicated installation and configuration of analog-to-digital converters. The Paging feature is compatible with RingCentral Polycom and Cisco phone models.

This free feature is only available to all RingCentral Office Edition in US and Canada. Additional phone device purchase is available.


RingCentral Paging Overview


Increase communication efficiency. Broadcast announcements, as well as emergency alerts, to the entire organization or selected peers.
Eliminating the need to call individual employees with the same message.
Easy creating/adding/modifying paging group over the cloud, anywhere, anytime.
100% SIP digital paging devices compatible. Save cost from installing additional converters for analog devices.
Flexible options for grouping desk phone and/or paging devices based on your business needs.
No additional cost by using existing IP desk phones.

Supported Paging Devices

• Polycom, Cisco and Yealink deskphones. See list of supported paging devices.
CyberData V2 Ceiling speakers (for indoor) and V2 Paging amplifiers (for outdoor use)
Cyberdata V3 Paging Server with Nightringer function

This feature is available on the RingCentral Online Account. You must be an Administrator to do the following:

Add a Paging Only Group
Select the Devices to Receive Pages
Select the Users allowed to page the Group
Provision a Paging Device


 Add a Paging Only Group

1. On the Admin Portal page, click Groups under Phone System.

phone system - groups

2. Click Paging Only tab and then, click the New Paging Only button.

User-added image

3. Enter your preferred Extension Number and Group Name in the provided fields and then, click Save.

 groups-add paging group

4. Click Yes to configure it immediately. You will immediately be redirected to the Paging extension you have created.

groups-add paging group

On the Info page you can modify the Extension Number, Group Name, and disable/enable the extension.

paging group info

On the Paging page you can modify the Devices to receive page or select the Users allowed to page this group.

Paging group paging

Select the devices to receive pages

1. Click Paging, then click Devices to receive page.

paging devices to recieve page

2. You will be able to see the list of Devices to Receive Page.

• Tick the box on the left to select the phone from the list. 
• Click Save when done.

list of Devices to Receive Page

Select the Users allowed to page the Group

1. Click Paging, select Users allowed to page this group.

paging users allowed to page this group

2. You will see the list of Users Allowed to Page this Group.

• Tick the box on the left to select the User/s from the list.  
• Click Save when done.

list of users allowed to page this group

Provision a Paging Device

1. Go to Phone System > Phones & Devices.

admin-phone system-phones devices

2.Click Paging Devices tab, and then click the Add Device Button.

paging - add device

3. Specify the Device Nickname for your paging device, and then click Next.
The Device Nickname makes it easier for you to identify the paging device.

paging device nickname

4. Follow the instructions on the page and click Done.

provision paging device

If your device is provisioned correctly, the Status on your Device Details will show Online.

online paging device


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