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SummaryHow do I update my Company Address on my RingCentral mobile app?

You can publish your Company Name, Company Address, and Company Phone Number to the National Local Directory Assistance (411 Directory) through RingCentral's Directory Listing feature. Though your Company details are submitted through your RingCentral Online account, you can edit your Company Name and Company Address using your RingCentral mobile app. To proceed, follow the steps below. 

Step 1:

Log in as an Administrator to your RingCentral mobile app.

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Step 2:

Tap your Profile Picture.

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Step 3:

Tap Phone System.

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Step 4:

Tap Company Numbers and Info.

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Step 5:

Tap Company Address.

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Step 6:

Enter your Company Name, Company Address, and Email Address. Tap Save to complete.

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NOTE: Your Company Information will be used for publishing to the Directory Listing if this service is available for your account. The Company Name will also be used in the default Company Greeting

Go to Directory Listing Frequently Asked Questions for more information. 

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