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RingCentral Phone Mobile - Re-sync Messages Inbox

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SummaryHow do I re-sync my messages for my inbox using mobile app?

The RingCentral Mobile App automatically downloads your voice, fax and text messages to your Inbox folder. After deleting the cache on your mobile phone, you can re-sync your Inbox to ensure that old messages are displayed correctly on the app. 

Step 1:  
Log in to your RingCentral Mobile App.

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Step 2:  
Tap your Display Picture to open the Mobile app settings.

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Step 3:  
Tap Mobile App Settings.

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Step 4:  
Tap Re-sync Messages Inbox.

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Step 5:  
Tap Re-sync to confirm.

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NOTE: The Mobile App will redirect to the Inbox folder and re-sync your messages.

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