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Setting your Emergency Dialing Address through your RingCentral mobile app

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SummaryHow do I edit the Emergency Dialing address using the RingCentral mobile app?
The Emergency Dialing Address information relates to your access of Emergency Call service in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other jurisdictions where you will use the service through your RingCentral Digital Line.
United States and Canada: 911
United Kingdom and elsewhere in the European Union:
112 / 999
You must enter the physical location of the phone that will be using your RingCentral Digital Line. Emergency dispatchers (Emergency Call Service) will send emergency first responders to this exact location when you call 911, 112, or 999 for help. 

IMPORTANT: Be sure to update this address every time you move your phone to a different location to make sure you can be found during an emergency. If you do not update your Registered Location, any emergency call you make using RingCentral VoIP service will be routed based on your previously provided Registered Location and therefore may not be routed to the appropriate emergency responder for your current location.

Account Administrators can update the Emergency Dialing Address via the RingCentral Online Account. This article shows the method the Administrators can use when updating this information via the RingCentral mobile app.

Step 1:

User-added image

Step 2:

Tap your Profile Picture.
Emergency Dialing Address - Profile picture

Step 3:

Tap Phone System.
Emergency Dialing Address - Phone System

Step 4:

Tap Phones & Devices.

Emergency Dialing Address - Phones and Devices

Step 5:

Select the phone number whose Emergency Dialing Address needs to be updated.
Emergency Dialing Address - Select number

Step 6:

Scroll to the bottom part of the screen, then tap Emergency Dialing Address.
Emergency Dialing Address - Emergency Dialing Address

Step 7:

Enter the phone's Physical Location
IMPORTANT: DO NOT to include special characters in the Customer Name field. 
Emergency Dialing Address - Physical location
NOTE: If you are using your RingCentral phone within United States or Canada, go to Step 8If you are using your phone outside of United States or Canada, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: 

Under the Important Message, tap click here.
Emergency Dialing Address - click here

Step 2:

Read the E911 Out of Country disclaimer.
Tap the checkbox to place a check mark to confirm you understood it.
Tap Save.
Emergency Dialing Address - Out of country disclaimer

Step 3: 

Tap OK to confirm that you understood that you are physically located outside the United States or Canada, and that you cannot use this phone to make an emergency call. Also by confirming, you agree to update your registered location if you use the service from within the United States.
Emergency Dialing Address - E911 prompt 

Step 8:

You will see the Phone Details screen. Tap Save.
Emergency Dialing Address - Save

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