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Choosing the SMS Caller ID when Sending a Text Message

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SummaryHow do I select or change the number or SMS caller ID which I would like to appear on my outgoing text messages?
RingCentral Business SMS enables you to send text messages, with your business number. This feature allows you to use one number for voice, fax, conferencing, and text messaging. 
This article will guide you on how to select the SMS caller ID which will appear as the sender.

Step 1:

Launch the RingCentral mobile app on your device.
RingCentral Mobile App Icon

Step 2:

Follow steps 1 to 4 on Sending text message on your RingCentral mobile app for iOS.
Then proceed to the next step below.

Step 3: 

Tap the down-arrow RC Mobile App - Messages - Text - New Message - From options icon icon on the right side of the Fromfield.
tap down arrow

Step 4: 

Choose the number you would like to set as your outgoing SMS Caller ID by scrolling up or down.
Tap the appropriate number. Tap Done.
choose number

Step 4: 

Type your message. Tap the Send Send iconicon.
tap send message
IMPORTANT:  The following rules apply for Business SMS:
• Only local numbers are allowed to send and receive SMS.
• To check your options as caller ID, log on to your online account and check if you have a local number.  All local numbers assigned to the auto receptionist can only be used to send and receive SMS by the operator extension.
• Numbers assigned to other extensions cannot be used as caller ID.
• Business SMS does not support international numbers, short code, and multimedia messaging service (MMS). 

You have now selected the SMS caller ID which will appear as the sender.

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