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Assisted Provisioning for Cisco/Linksys IP Phones

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SummaryHow do I provision my existing Cisco SIP phone?

RingCentral offers several recommended and fully supported SIP phones that are pre-configured for your account. Check Set up a RingCentral SIP Phone for more information about RingCentral's pre-configured devices.

Click on links below to learn about the features of the phones offered by RingCentral:

RingCentral United States 
RingCentral Canada 
RingCentral United Kingdom 

RingCentral recognizes that customers may wish to use other devices aside from the provided SIP phones. RingCentral offers Assisted Provisioning to customers with existing Cisco phones or to those with third-party Cisco devices. It allows the existing device to connect to the RingCentral cloud, as well as download the update and features from your RingCentral account.

NOTE: You can find additional help and support for third-party Cisco phones from Cisco's Support Website.
IMPORTANT: When provisioning a Cisco phone from a different provider, you need to get the Admin Password from the provider and ensure the phone has been unlocked.

You need to Add a Phone Number / Digital Line for your Existing Cisco phone before you can configure your existing device. The number or digital line will be assigned to your phone.
If you already have a phone number (Digital Line) assigned to the user who will use the phone, you may proceed to provision your existing Cisco phone.
To replace a phone on your RingCentral account, provision your Cisco phone to replace an existing User phone.

How to Add a Phone Number / Digital Line for your Existing Cisco phone


Step 1:

Step 2:

Under Admin Portal, click Users > User list.

User - User List

Step 3:

Under Users With Extensions, click the name of the User that needs to be modified.

User with Extensions - Select User

Step 4:

Go to Phones & Numbers, select the Phones tab, and then click Add Phone.

Phone Numbers - Add Phone

Step 5:

Select the Location of your device, then click Next.

Select Location

NOTE: Check Adding a RingCentral Global Office Number through the Online Account for instructions in adding a desk phone that will be used in an International location.

Step 6:

Select Other Phones, then click Existing Phone
A pop-up appears with a note: Select this option if you have your own unlocked SIP compatible device you'd like to use.
Click Add to Cart

Select Phone - Add to Cart

Step 7:

Specify the number of Phone Number / Digital Line under QTY, then click Next.

User-added image

Step 8:

You will be given 2 options for your Existing device's number. 

a. Use an Existing Number from your account
You can select any non-Toll-Free number assigned to either your Company Auto-Receptionist, or Special Extensions on your account. A Special Extension can either be a Message-Only Extension or an Announcement-Only Extension.

User-added image

b. Purchase a New Number for your account
You can purchase a Phone number to be assigned as a Digital Line to your Existing device. 

User-added image

Step 9:

Select the device where you want to assign the number by ticking the box next to it, then click Assign to Selected.

Assign to selected Device

Step 10:

The Phone number assigned to the Existing phone will be shown. Click Next.

Next to Proceed

Step 11:

Select the Emergency Address that will be assigned to the phone.
• If you have set an Emergency Address for a device before, you can select it from the drop-down menu.
• If the Emergency Address for the device you are adding is different from a previously set Emergency Address, click New.

Select E911 Address to use

Selecting New redirects you to a window where you can add a new Emergency Address.
Fill out the Emergency Calling Address form.
Read the terms and conditions. Tick the checkbox next to Accept the Terms, then click I Accept.
NOTE: Use the address where your Desk phone is located. DO NOT include special characters in the Customer Name field.
IMPORTANT: This is the address that will be used in the event of an emergency call (911 in the United States and Canada, 999/112 in the United Kingdom, and such other Emergency Call Services as applicable in other countries) from this RingCentral Desk phone. Be sure to update this address anytime you change the location where you use this RingCentral Desk phone.

E911 Form

Step 12:

Select the device where the Emergency Address will be applied, then click Assign to Selected.

Select device to assign E911 Adress

Step 13: 

Click Next.

Next to proceed

Step 14:

Select the Shipping Address. There is no phone to be shipped since you already have an Existing phone for the Digital Line. We only need to do this as part of the needed steps.

You can select a Shipping Address from the drop-down list. You can also add a New Shipping Address by clicking on New.

Select Shipping Address

If you click New to add a new Shipping Address, the page will redirect to a window where you can add a new Shipping Address. You can click Save address so you can use it in the future, and then click Add.

User-added image

Step 15:

Select the Existing Device, then click Create Shipping Group.

create shipping address

Step 16: 

Click Next.

Next to proceed

Step 17: 

Tick the checkbox to acknowledge and accept the charges for the Phone number / Digital Line, then click Next.

Confirm Order

NOTE: RingCentral has set limits for the protection of customers from fraudulent activities or over usage. You may get a message saying that you have exceeded the maximum allowed value that can be processed on your account in a single billing cycle. For security purposes, please contact RingCentral Customer Service to verify your Billing Information and request an account limit increase and proceed with your desired transaction.

Step 18:

Click Done.

How to Provision your Existing Cisco Phone

IMPORTANT: If you purchased your device from a different provider, make sure that the phone is unlocked before you proceed. 

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

Under Admin Portal, select Phone System, then click Phones & Devices.
Phones - Phones and Devices

Step 3: 

Under User Phones, look for the Existing phone that needs to be assigned to your Cisco phone. You must select a number that is not yet associated with any device.

Click Setup and Provision.

NOTE: If the number is not yet assigned to a device, you will see Setup and Provision when you point your cursor over it.

User Phones - Existing Phone

Step 4: 

Select Cisco / Linksys IP Device, then click Select Phone Model to choose the model of your Cisco phone that you will provision.

Click Next.

select Cisco Phone

NOTE: You will need to manually provision your Cisco phone if it does not appear on the list.

Step 5: 

You will see the instructions on how to reset the existing configuration on your phone. Click Next once you have finished the steps below.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the Cisco SIP phone is connected to the network (Ethernet cable connected from the Router, to the phone's SW port) before clicking the Next button. 
In order to automatically provision your Linksys ATA or IP Phone, we need your device's IP address.

To get this information from your IP Phone, please follow these instructions:
1. Press the Menu button on the face of your phone.
2. Press 9 to access the Network screen. For Cisco 7841, 8861, SPA-525G2, and SPA525G you need to Press 10.
3. Press 2 to see your Current IP address.

To get this information from your ATA adapter, please follow these instructions:
1. Plug in both the Power and Ethernet cables.
2. Plug in your telephone using standard phone cable.
3. Pick up the handset (you will not hear a dial tone) and dial ****.
4. At the configuration menu, dial 110#.
5. Your device's Current IP address will be read to you.

Otherwise see information in your IP Device's User Guide.

Using your web browser, open IP address read to you. IP phone web page will be displayed.
Click on "Admin" and then on "Advanced" links.
Open "Provisioning" tab and make sure that "Provision Enable" was set to "Yes" (if set to "No", switch it to "Yes" and click "Submit All Changes")

NOTE: This computer and the IP device must be on the same network for the initial provisioning process.

Click Next to provision your phone. Your phone may reset during this process.

Step 6: 

After clicking Next, a pop-up window displays the provisioning progress as it locates and provisions your device. The phone will reboot and provision by itself. A confirmation window appears once the device has been successfully provisioned.

Click Done.

Loading Bar
NOTE: You will be redirected to a page with the phone's details afterward. The status of the phone should show online once it is successfully provisioned to your account. You can also configure the following settings before clicking Save.
• Name: Give your phone a name to help you identify this device when configuring your Call Handling settings.

• Data Usage: To improve the quality of your calls, you can set how much network bandwidth to use for calls:
High Bandwidth gives you better sound quality but calls can become choppy when it's not available.
Low Bandwidth gives you lower sound quality but ensures no interruptions during your conversation. 

• HD Voice: You can tick the box to enable HD Voice on this device if possible.

Click Save

How to Provision your Cisco phone to Replace an Existing User phone

Follow the steps below to replace a phone on your RingCentral account with an existing Cisco phone. 

Step 1: 

Step 2: 

Under Admin Portal, select Phone System, then click Phones & Devices.

Phone System - Phones and Devices

Step 3: 

Under User Phones, click the device that needs to be replaced.

User-added image

Step 4: 

Click Change Phone.

User-added image

Step 5:

Select Phone not purchased from RingCentral, then click Next.

Phones not purchase through RC

Step 6: 

Follow steps 4 to 6 under How to Provision your Existing Cisco phone to complete the procedure.

Cisco Phone Ports

User-added image

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