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SummaryHow do I update the credit card information over the phone?
This article will guide you in updating your Credit Card Information using a telephone.

NOTE: Updating your Credit Card information via IVR can only be completed if the ZIP code of the new credit card is the same as previous credit card. The system will ask you to log on to the RingCentral Online Account or call Customer Service in case the new credit card has a different ZIP code, so that the billing address can be updated as well.

Step 1:

Dial RingCentral's Support Number.
RingCentral US: 888-898-4591
RingCentral Canada: 800-591-6543 


Step 2:

Press 2 to select Update Credit Card Information.

Step 3:

Press 1 to select Change Credit Card Information.

Step 4:

RingCentral's Interactive Voice System will attempt to pull your account information using your phone's Caller ID.

• If you are using your RingCentral device, mobile app, or desktop app to contact RingCentral, the Interactive Voice System will announce the Account Name, based on your Caller ID. Press 1 to confirm if you are calling about the account name announced, or Press 2 to enter a different RingCentral Account Number, followed by the hash sign (#).

• If the system is unable to pull an account, you will be asked to enter your RingCentral account number, followed by the hash sign (#).

Step 5: 

Press to confirm the Account Name or press 2 to key in a different RingCentral Number.

Step 6:

Enter your PIN and then press #.

Step 7:

Enter the 15 or 16-digit Credit Card Number and then press #.

NOTE: The Credit Card Number will be announced, if correct, press 1. Press 2 to enter another Card Number. 

Step 8:

Enter the Credit Card Expiration Date. Press 1 if correct or press 2 to enter a new number.

NOTE: The date format should be YYYYMM

Step 9:

Select the Country of your Credit Card billing address. Press 1 for US, otherwise press 2.
If US:
Enter the 5-digit ZIP Code. If correct, press 1. To re-enter your zipcode, press 2.

If Canada:
Say the first 3 characters of the ZIP Code, then when prompted, say the last 3 characters. 
NOTE: If the credit card update is successful, the new credit card information will be reflected in the Billing section your online account when logged in as an administrator. In case the credit card update is not successful, you will be prompted to key in the credit card number again but will have the option to press # to speak to a live representative after the second failed attempt.

IMPORTANT: If you need to talk to a RingCentral Customer Support, Contact Us.

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