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Activating HIPAA Conduit Settings

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SummaryHIPAA Conduit Settings Overview
RingCentral’s HIPAA-compliant solution ensures that customer calls and messages are secure with encryption in transit and at-rest, along with other features, protecting patient data and guarding against unauthorized access to protected health information. When activated, this setting will enforce temporary-only storage of the customer's voice and fax messages and voice messages for a maximum of 30 days.

You must be the Account administrator to have access to this setting. 

Step 1:

Log into your RingCentral account.

Step 2:

Click on Tools > HIPAA Conduit Setting.

Step 3:

Tick the Activate HIPAA Conduit Setting box.

The following settings will take effect once this setting is activated:

• Automatic forwarding of messages to email as an attachment is disabled
• Automatically delete faxes, voice mails, SMS messages and voice recordings at 30 days
• Session Timer - Automatically log out the account access if it has been idle
• Secure Voice - TLS/SRTP secure call on desk phones, RingCentral Phone and RingCentral Phone or Mobile
• Encryption for storage on server, RingCentral Phone and RingCentral Phone or Mobile

Business Associate Agreement 





Comply with HIPAA via Conduit Setting 
Standard Business Associate Agreement n/aOffice 20+ ContractOffice 20+ Contract
Custom Business Associate Agreement n/aOffice 100+ ContractOffice 100+ Contract

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