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SummaryReports are graphical representations of your RingCentral account's call activities that can be generated by Account administrators and Group Managers. The Summary Report provides an at-a-glance, high-level usage overview of the entire phone system. Use the metrics to assess the volume of incoming and outgoing calls, or answered and missed calls, then review your business hours to ensure they’re consistent with caller patterns.​

Generate Summary Report


IMPORTANT: When generating a Report, some filters will display No data when it is not available for the said period or if there are no filters set. Some filters will display Loading while data is being generated, so just wait until it has finished loading the Report.

1. Log in as an Account administrator to your RingCentral Online Account.

2. Go to Reports > Historical Reports.

Once the Reports page has been loaded, the Summary page is automatically displayed.

3. Click SUMMARY.

4. Select your preferred date range. — Click the Date Filter box which displays Last 7 days by default. 

5. Click GO. The Summary Report will be displayed.

6. Save or export your Report.​

NOTE: This step is optional. You may save Reports if you regularly generate the same data.

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