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RingCentral Reports Overview

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SummaryRingCentral Reports provides graphical representations of your RingCentral account's phone system usage, both historical and live.

To go to the Reports section, Log In to your RingCentral Account as an Administrator > Admin Portal > Click Reports.

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To learn more about the different RingCentral Reports, click the links below.

Analytics Portal

Analytics Portal - Company Numbers Report Overview 
Analytics Portal - Create Company Numbers Report 
Analytics Portal - Device Status Report 
Analytics Portal - Performance Report Overview 

Historical Reports

Historical Reports - Generate Summary Report 
Historical Reports - Generate Phone Number Report 
Historical Reports - Generate User Activity Report 
Historical Reports - Generate Queue Activity Report 
Historical Reports - Generate Call Detail Report 
RingCentral Historical Reports Terminologies 

Live Reports

Live Reports - Overview 
Live Reports Widgets Overview 
Live Reports - Manage Dashboards 
Live Reports - Known Issues and Workarounds 
Troubleshooting Users Showing Unavailable in Live Reports 
View Data for Multiple Sites in Live Reports | Multi-Site Support 

Quality of Service

Quality of Service (QoS) Reports - Overview 
Call Quality - Quality of Service Reports | Frequently Asked Questions 
Quality of Service (QoS) Reports - Tabs Overview 

Meetings Dashboard

RingCentral Meetings Reports Overview 
RingCentral Meetings Account: Personal Usage Reports 
RingCentral Meetings Account: Call Log Reports 
RingCentral Meetings Account: Generate Reports from my Company Meetings 
RingCentral Meetings - Upcoming Events report | Online Account 
RingCentral Meetings - Remote Support Report | Online Account 


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