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Getting the Usage Details of Mobile Users without a Digital Line

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SummaryHow do I know which Mobile Users without a Digital Line will be charged?

Administrators can log into their RingCentral account to see which Mobile Users without a Digital Line will be billed along with usage details under the Billing tab.
Step 1: 
Log in to your RingCentral Online Account

Step 2: 
Under the Admin Portal view, click the Billing tab.

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Step 3: 
When you click the Billing tab, the Service Plan section will load and allow you to do the following:

A. Under Mobile Users, you can view the number of Mobile Users without a Digital Line in your account.

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B. Click the Mobile User History button to view the Number of External Calls each Mobile User without a Digital Line has placed within a specified period of time. 

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NOTE: You can also send a report with detailed information of the phone calls placed to your email. Enter your Email Address on the space provided, and then click on Send

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Report Sample: 
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Please note these reports show information on your Mobile Users without a Digital Line for all completed billing cycles, and not your current billing cycles that are in progress. We expect mid-cycle reporting to be available by the end of July. In the meantime, please reach out to your RingCentral account representative for more information on mobile user details on your current bill cycle.
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