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Admin: Configure a User's Call Forwarding

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SummaryHow do I add and configure a forwarding number?

Call Forwarding Number is an alternate phone number where a call gets forwarded to when you are unable to answer using your RingCentral Phone, RingCentral Phone for Mobile, or IP Phone. 

Account Administrators can configure other User's Call Forwarding for their User (business or company hours) or After Hours. Account Administrators can also configure their own Call Forwarding settings. Follow the steps below to know how.

Configuring a User's Call Forwarding for User Hours
Configuring a User's Call Forwarding for After Hours

NOTE: This article assumes that you are already logged in into your online account. If not, see Logging in to your RingCentral Online Account to know how. If you wish to customize a User's User or After Hours, Configure User and After Hours.

Configuring a User's Call Forwarding for User Hours

User Hours are the business or company hours. 

Step 1:

Go to Users > Users list.

9.3 users - user list

Step 2:

Under Users with Extension, click on the User that you wish to configure.

NOTE: Administrators can select their own name on the User list to edit his extension's settings.

9.3 users - user list - userwithext

Step 3:

Click Call Handling and Forwarding.

9.3 userwithext - callforwarding

Step 4: 

Fill in the number in the field provided to receive forwarded calls and click anywhere on the white space to enter the number.

9.3 callhandlingforwarding1

NOTE:  By default, your RingCentral Phone & RingCentral Phone for Mobile will always be the first ring as your forwarding number. You also have three (3) pre-labelled forwarding number slots for your non-RingCentral Work, Home or Mobile numbers. To enable or disable your listed call forwarding number, toggle the button on the device you want to enable or disable.

User-added image

Step 5:

Set how long the caller will hear the ringing before the system tries the next number in the list. Five (5) seconds is equal to approximately one ring.

9.3 callhandlingforwarding2

Step 6:

Click Add Call Forwarding Phone to add up to 10 forwarding numbers.

9.3 callhandlingforwarding3

NOTE:  To rearrange the order of your forwarding numbers, just hold your mouse on the row and drag and drop the row to your desired order.

9.3 callhandlingforwarding6

Step 7:

If you'd like to forward your calls to other Users' phones, click the kebab icon User-added image and click Forward to Other's Phones.

9.3 callhandlingforwarding4

A pop-up window will appear. Select the User you'd like to forward calls to and click Done. It will be added on the list of your forwarding numbers.

9.3 callhandlingforwarding5

Step 8:

If you wish to create a Ring Group, select the phones that will ring at the same time your call comes in and click Create Ring Group.

QUICK TIP: A Ring Group is a group of user’s phones (forwarding numbers) within an extension that ring when the hosted extension rings. A Call Queue Group is a group of users/extensions, which receive queue calls to be answered by the next available member of the group. If you are expecting a multitude of calls to be coming into a direct number or extension, setting up a Call Queue Group is recommended instead of a Ring Group. See Setting Up a Call Queue group to learn more.

9.3 callhandlingforwarding7

To ungroup, tick the checkbox of the grouped phones and click Ungroup.

9.3 callhandlingforwarding8

Step 9:

Set your Incoming Calls Forward in this Order. You can set in two (2) options:

• Sequentially -  All listed phones will ring one at a time, in order of priority.
• Simultaneously - All listed phones will ring at the same time.

9.3 callhandlingforwarding9

Step 10:

Click Save.

NOTE: You can also click save anytime to avoid losing your  settings.

Configuring a User's Call Forwarding for After Hours

If you have set custom hours for your business or company, this will enable you to configure and decide how calls will be answered during a User's After Hours.

Step 1: 

Go to Settings > Call Handling and Forwarding.

9.3 user-settings-callhandlingforwarding

Step 2: 

On After Hours, click what Your calls will do this during After Hours. You can select from the following:

9.3 callhandlingforwarding - afterhours 1

• Send callers directly to voicemail - Select if you want calls to go directly to your voicemail.

send callers directly to voicemail

• Play announcement and disconnect - Select if you want to play a recorded greeting, then immediately hang up. You can click Edit under Announcement to select a Default or Custom greeting.
Play announcement and disconnect

Under Custom, you can record using your PhoneComputer Microphone, or by Importing a recorded file. 
Announcement options
• Forward Calls - Select if you want to forward the call to multiple phone numbers in a specific order and have your greeting settings apply. The steps will be the same on how you configure User Hours.

Call Forwarding - Forward Calls

• Unconditional Forwarding - Select if you want to forward the call to a different phone number without having to go through your greeting settings. This option is good when you want the call to go directly to your personal voicemail when you don't pick-up. Just enter the phone number on the Forward Calls field.
NOTE: There may be delay when forwarding calls to a non-RingCentral number. This is due to the time spent establishing a connection between RingCentral and the carrier of the forwarding number.
9.3 callhandlingforwarding - afterhours unconditionalforwarding

Step 3:

Click Save.

Record over the Phone

This option will allow you to record your customized Announcement over the phone.

Step 1:

On Record Over the PhoneEnter a new number where RingCentral can call you to record your custom greeting over the phone. Click Call Now when you are ready to receive the call and start recording. 

Record by Phone - Enter Number

Step 2:

You will receive an automated call from RingCentral on the number the you selected, with the instructions for recording your custom greetings. Press 1 to start recording and when you are done, press the pound # key. After you press the pound key, the following prompts will be announced:

• Press 1 - Save your custom greeting.
• Press 2 - Listen to your greeting.
• Press 3 - Change your greeting.

Step 3:

When you are done recording your custom announcement, the page will redirect to the Call Recording Announcement section, where you can do the following.

Play icon Click the Play button to listen to your custom Automatic Call Recording Announcement.
re-record icon Click the Re-record button to change or replace your custom Automatic Call Recording Announcement.
download icon Click the Download button to download and save your custom Automatic Call Recording Announcement to your computer.

Step 4:

Click Done.

Record by Phone - click Done

Record over the Computer Microphone

Step 1:

Click on the Record button to start recording the Custom Greeting.

Record by Computer mic - Start Recording

Step 2:

Click the Stop button to stop recording. 

Record by Computer mic - Stop Recording

Step 3:

The screen will redirect to the window where you can do the following:

• Click the Record Pause icon icon if you want to change the custom announcement.
• Click the Upload Upload icon icon if you want to save the recording to RingCentral's temporary storage.

Record by Computer mic - Upload recording

Step 4:

Click Done

Record by Computer mic - Done

Upload an Announcement from your Computer

Step 1:

Select Import, and then click the Browse button to locate the file on your computer. It is recommended to use either .mp3 or .wav audio file formats in either of the following compression types:

• CCITT u-Law (G711a), 8kHz, 8 bit, mono
• PCM, 8kHz, 16 bit, mono

Import Announcement - click browse


Step 2:

Select the file for your Custom Announcement. Click Open to attach the file.

Import Announcement - Select File

Step 3:

The screen will redirect to a window where you will have the option to do the following: 

• Click the Record record button icon if you want to change the custom announcement.
• Click the Download download icon icon if you want to save the custom announcement to your computer or external storage. 
Click Done to apply the custom announcement to the Custom Rule. 

Import Announcement - Done
QUICK TIP:  If you would like to know how to configure a User's incoming call information, see Configure a User's Incoming Call Information.
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