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RingCentral Community - Submit a New Idea

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SummarySubmitting a New Idea in the RingCentral Community
An Idea is a general concept that you wish to share with other people in the RingCentral Support Community.  If an Idea is unique, you can submit a new entry to allow other people to relate to your issue or concept.  The RingCentral Support Community is where you can ask questions, share new ideas and tell us how you think we're doing.  This article will guide you on how to submit a new idea to the RingCentral community.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Search for an idea related to your concern. 

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NOTE:  This will ensure that the ideas are consolidated in one category.

IMPORTANT:  If your idea or a similar one is already posted, it will appear in the list.  You can click on the similar post, click Like to voice your support and give your insight by leaving a comment.

Step 3:

If you are unable to see a similar idea to your concern, click CONTINUE CREATING CONVERSATION.

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Step 4:

Enter the details of your Idea.  Once finished, click POST.

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Your comment will be posted and ready to be responded to or liked by fellow RingCentral users. You can then go back to your post and see when a RingCentral representative, or online user has commented on it.

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