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RingCentral Phone Desktop - Outbound Caller ID

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SummaryOutbound Caller ID is a feature that displays your phone number to the party you are calling, faxing or texting. This article provides step-by-step instructions for changing your Outbound Caller ID through your RingCentral phone. Changes made on the RingCentral phone is synced with your extension's online account settings and vice-versa.

RingCentral Phone - Outbound Caller ID


This article assumed that you are already logged in to the RingCentral Desktop app

1. Click the Settings icon User-added image at the bottom of the RingCentral phone. 

2. Go to Calls > Outgoing

3. Under the Outbound caller ID section, you will be able to set your caller ID for your outgoing Calls, Texts and Faxes

You can only use RingCentral phone numbers that are directly assigned to your extension or your RingCentral Company numbers as your Caller ID. The Administrators of your RingCentral account can set/edit your company’s Caller ID Name (CNAM) that displays on your recipients end.
TitleRingCentral Phone Desktop - Outbound Caller ID
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