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Synchronizing Outlook Contacts with RingCentral for Desktop

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SummaryHow do I synchronize my contacts on Microsoft Outlook with RingCentral for Desktop?

With the RingCentral for Desktop, you are able to synchronize your Outlook Contacts so that you can easily call them, or send an SMS to the number that they have on file.

Follow these steps to synchronize your Outlook Contacts.

Step 1:

On the RingCentral for Desktop App, click the Settings icon.

Desktop App - Click Settings

Step 2:

Click Contacts.  

User-added image

Step 3:

Enable the Outlook plugin, and View Outlook contacts.

User-added image

NOTE: Restart Microsoft Outlook after enabling both settings.

Step 4:

Select Outlook under Select Profile. Under Select folder, select the applicable folder/s.

User-added image

Step 6:

On the main app screen, click Contacts. Your Outlook contacts are found under Personal.
To access your Personal contacts, click the filter icon Desktop App - Contacts - Click the Fiilter icon.

Desktop App - Contacts - Filter options - Select Personal

NOTE: The RingCentral desktop app now automatically import photos from Microsoft Outlook and Mac Contacts upon synching.

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