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RingCentral Phone Desktop - Sync Outlook Contacts

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Sync your Outlook Contacts with RingCentral Phone Desktop 

1. Launch the RingCentral Phone Desktop app. 

2. Click the Settings icon User-added image at the bottom of the RingCentral Phone Desktop. 

3. Click on Contacts

4. Enable the Outlook plugin and View Outlook contacts. You must restart Microsoft Outlook after enabling both settings.

5. Select Outlook for Profile, and then select the contacts folder/s that you want to sync. You may close the Settings window after select the folders. 

User-added image

6. On the main app screen, click Contacts User-added image located at the top.

Your Outlook contacts are found under Personal and automatically enabled. You can click on the filter iconDesktop App - Contacts - Click the Fiilter icon to make sure that Outlook is enabled.

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