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Zendesk Cloud App Overview

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SummaryZendesk Cloud App Overview
Zendesk Cloud App is a CRM platform integrated in your RingCentral phone system.  This improves workflow and increases productivity by creating new records, one-click dialing,and a whole lot more.

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Features and Benefits

• No software to install - works entirely in the cloud with any RingCentral device.
Works on any computer, any browser – Access anytime on any Windows or Mac computer.
Easy click-to-dial by clicking on phone number button on RingCentral Cloud App for the selected Zendesk End User.
Instant End User pop-up displaying the caller's information along with the Zendesk End User name as soon as a call arrives.
Automatic new ticket creation for a matching end user name as soon as a call arrives - the agent can update the ticket while he’s on the call.

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