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Global Hotkeys and Keyboard Shortcuts for RingCentral Desktop app

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SummaryHow do I setup the Hotkeys on the RingCentral Desktop app for Windows and/or Mac? What are the keyboard shortcuts for the Desktop app?

Global Hotkeys on your RingCentral Desktop app are always available as long as the app is running. It allows you to perform actions with just a touch of a key on your Windows PC or Mac.

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Global Hotkeys
Keyboard Shortcuts

Global Hotkeys

Follow the steps below to view and/or customize Hotkeys on Windows or Mac.

Step 1:

Log in to your RingCentral Desktop app.

Step 2:

Click Settings.

Click Settings.

Step 3:

Click Hotkeys. The available keys will be displayed on the right.

Select your platform below.


Hotkeys for Mac

Hotkeys for Mac

Hotkeys for Windows

Hotkeys on Windows

You may customize the following Hotkeys by clicking the box, then pressing the function key to be assigned.

• Outgoing call
• Outgoing fax

NOTE: You assign any of the function keys from F1 to F12, except for F7. Pressing F7 maximizes the Desktop app window.

Outgoing call - Outgoing fax

You can set hotkeys to pick up a call or to send a text message. Click the drop-down menu to view available keys, then click the shortcut key you prefer.

Pick up the call

Send message using

Step 4:

Click the Close button to exit the Settings window.

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Keyboard Shortcuts 

Keyboard shortcut keys let you access more menus. Press CTRL + F1 (Windows) or CMD + F1 (Mac) to access the following:
Ctrl F1 on WindowsCtrl F1 on Mac

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