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Integrations - RingCentral for Google - Overview

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SummaryThe RingCentral for Google app allows your RingCentral services to integrate with your Google account. This article discusses things you need to know about RingCentral for Google including its features, availability, requirements and related topics.


RingCentral for Google Overview


RingCentral for Google - Availability

• RingCentral for Google is available for all RingCentral Office plans — Essentials, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate.
• Use RingCentral for Google on your Mac and Windows computers.


RingCentral for Google - Requirement

RingCentral for Google requires a Google G Suite account.


RingCentral for Google - Features 

IMPORTANT: RingCentral for Google has support for emergency calling feature which automatically sends the User’s emergency address to Emergency Service providers when a User calls an emergency number. The User needs to enter their emergency address at the time of logging in to the app or via Service Web for this feature to be enabled.

• Schedule and join RingCentral Meetings and audio conference calls

Chrome browser softphone:
• View your complete communications history (voicemails, faxes, and messages)
• Active call control features (transfer, record, flip, etc.)
• Forward an incoming call (click Forward), reply to an incoming call with a text message (click Reply), or send an incoming call to your voicemail (click Ignore).​
• Combine your RingCentral and Google contacts in one easy-to-search screen
• Click-to-dial or Click-to-SMS phone numbers within favorite G Suite applications such as Gmail, Docs™, Google Calendar™, and Chrome browser

Floating app tab: 
• Access to new persistent RingCentral tab from any web page. 
• Switching to a new page minimizes the app to the bottom part of your screen.
• Drag the floating window anywhere at the bottom part of your screen.

Inbound call notification on RingCentral badge:
• In addition to browser notification, a notification with a RingCentral badge appears when there is an inbound call, which allows you to either ignore or answer a call.

• The Presence feature allows you to see your contact's presence status, and vice versa.
• Change your Presence status on the app extension by clicking on More > Settings > Status.

• Launch Google Hangouts from the RingCentral for Google app. 

Feedback form: 
• You can provide your comments and suggestions to improve RingCentral for Google by clicking on Settings > Feedback.


TitleIntegrations - RingCentral for Google - Overview
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